Magnified Perlite Particle
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Perlite is a form of natural glass and is chemically inert with a neutral pH.

Cost advantage- Perlite has a 20 to 50% density advantage. This offers twice as much filtration pound for pound than D.E. and is often less expensive.

Perlite being lighter is also easier to mix and keep in solution. Troublesome to coat vertical leaf screens are now easily coated.

Health - Perlite has been proven by significant testing to pose no significant respiratory health risk to workers. It contains less than .1% Silica (almost none) as compared to up to 60% with some D.E.

Cleanup - Removing the cake is much easier. It is easily washed off.

Non-Hazardous Waste - Perlite is not a hazardous waste and can be easily disposed of. Some cakes used for food processing can even be recycled as components in animal feed. In the U.S., this application has been approved by the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO). * *IFN 8-26-242

Brewers often talk of an iron burn taste from D.E.

Perlite is sterile and does not impart taste, color or odor.

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