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Separation Technologies has been in the filtration business for 25 years and has always been a small group of technical representatives. Within the last 12 years we have made a particular effort to supply wineries.

We are not a catalog house with 1000 pages of products that we buy and sell. What you see here represents twelve years of product development efforts to supply commercial wineries. It is specific from the filtration stage through the finished top of the bottle.

We represent ErtelAlsop for their depth media. We stock all grades of 40cm filter pads (.2, .3, .45, .8, 2.5, 5, 10, and 15 micron) here in our warehouse just outside of Chicago. Prices are currently $165 per box of 100 (including grades .45, .8, and 1 micron), and $149 for all coarser grades.

We represent Graver Technologies for their cartridge filters. Graver offers at least six nominal pre-filters perfectly suited to wine as well as the best absolute membrane filter for this industry. Priced at $97 per 10”, it is reusable and the most cost effective of any final cartridge.

Our “Crossflow” or rigid surface membrane provider is Separation Products Inc. We have been building Ultrafiltration skids with their media for over twenty years. We also use Porex and Graver Technologies sintered polypropylene and stainless steel media for crossflow applications.

Our hardware suppliers (pumps, housings, etc.) are too numerous to list but they are almost exclusively US-made with an emphasis on performance, parts, documentation and service accountability.

Cork Supply USA is our supplier of closures, both natural and synthetic, which we stock here by the box of 1K or have imprinted at their headquarters in Benicia, CA, or in the case of Nomacorc, in Zebulon, NC. Through Cork Supply we offer capsules, screw caps, oak additives, and barrels. Also, Neocork can be a viable alternate synthetic cork.

Silbrico Corporation is our Perlite producer, a material that we have always offered as the rational alternative to DE.

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